Monday, December 6, 2021
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The Greatest Team

Effie Quintana - Graphic and Illustration

Effie has a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Arts and Design, where she graduate Magnum Cum Laude.  Upon graduation she began working for Spectrum Films doing all their two dimensional work. Eventually becoming head of graphics.  She has created books, brochures, business cards, logo, billboards and more.  There isn't anything on paper she can't make. 




Our Goal

We want to provide nothing less than the greatest web and graphics to our customers.  In addition we are will to provide this amazing service with an even more amazing price!

About Us

Started by Danny Mitsios and Effie Quintana in 2012.  Both Ms. Quintana and Mr. Mitsios were busy freelancing and realized there was a need for customers to have a place to receive great graphic and web service.  The problem was they knew they couldn't do it alone.  They joined together to create the best partnership.  This enabled them to provide services unparalleled.